Sure – The Union Of Hospitality Management Students

The work of influencing studies never ends, and that’s why Sureo, the union of hospitality management students exists. Sureo offers help through career services, salary counseling and networking opportunities. Sureo also affects daily studies with the help of its local associations. By training local associations and offering benefits and services to its members, Sureo has an impact at the grassroots level

Sureo’s work focuses on increasing hospitality management students’ professional pride and thereby strengthening hospitality management identity. Gaining professional pride starts already during your studies, and professional identity is built through events and studies. Sureo wants to help students to understand the opportunities hidden in the field and to create an equal future by highlighting everyone’s rights at work. Rights in the workplace belong to everyone – whether you are a student or not!

By improving the hospitality management identity, we develop the hospitality industry’s appreciation for the university of applied sciences degree. With the degree and its appreciation, sustainable and prosperous working communities in the tourism and restaurant industry are built. Hospitality management graduate’s expertise in managing companies is significant to the vitality of the entire industry.

Equalizing Hospitality management education all over Finland is one of Sureo’s goals. When there is a nationwide uniform framework for Hospitality management education, excellence in the field, development of the field, and new career opportunities in completely new spheres will rise. Sureo needs the help of its members and member organizations in its work, because only together we can create a future for restaurateurs that they deserve


Hospitality Management Union – Paveing the way

Sure – The Union of Finnish Bachelors of Hospitality Management is the vanguard and a acommunity for hospitality specialists whose goal is to develop the tourism and service industries in Finland together with restaurateurs.

The Hospitality Management Union is the local association of Akavan Erityisalat, which offers members of the association a wide national network to secure their working life. As Hospitality management, you get comprehensive career and legal services with which you can build and secure your career. As a member of Sureo, you are automatically a student member of Hospitality management union Sure.
The purpose of the professional union is to promote and monitor interests related to Hospitality management’s pay, rights, and professional and social issues. Through us, you can get targeted help for problems both in your working life and in your free time.

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