3 toppings pizza 12,90€, bottle of house wine 19,90€, III Aura draft beer 0,4l 3,90€, Happy Joe Apple draft 0,33l 3,90€!

Our large menu offers pizzas guaranteed to please all desires: fish, meat, seafood, vegetarian, vegan or spicy! Our pizzas can also be made gluten-free. Deliciousness of the pizzas are guaranteed with three things: local high-quality ingredients, pizza dough prepared with devotion and skillful chefs! Our menu can be found also delicious pasta, risotto and focaccia portions, salads etc as well as the children's menu. Daily changing lunch is served on weekdays from Monday–Friday from 11.00–14.00. Bella Roma’s warm atmosphere is perfect for family gatherings, romantic evenings or for meeting friends. Pizza is cheaper than therapy!

-20% off of main dishes, 0,5l draft beer 4,50€, Happy Joe sider 3,90€, Longdrink 4,20€, draft soda 2€, Ice cream shake 5€!

Classic American Diner welcomes you to the atmosphere of a classic American restaurant. Our menu has generous dishes in American style, brought to the table with friendly service in the spirit of the original Diners. This diverse restaurant with an unaffected atmosphere is well suited to everything from breakfast to late-night dining. Come and relax in the casual American surroundings. Our diners serve genuine American delicacies prepared in an open kitchen. It's only at Diners that you can become acquainted with a full selection of authentic American brands.

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