Petra Ahonen - Chairperson

Chairperson is responsible for whole association's and board member's actions.

Diana Abrashi - Vice chairperson

Vice chairperson is the chairperson's right hand. Vice chairperson handles the eventside's affairs.

Henna Järvinen - Communications

Communications person manages our general email account via which you can reach all board members.

Jonna Jaatinen - Events and freetime

Is responsible for planning and organizing MatkaRaTa's events.

Johanna Annaniemi - PR

Handles collaborations with our association's co-operation partners and our membership benefits.

Samu Turunen - Tutoring and trusteeship

Leads MatkaRata's tutoring and handles Hospitality Management students trusteeship affairs.

Titta Honka - Financial manager

Is responsible for all our association's financial affairs.

Aino Päivähonka - Marketing

Acts as a content producer in all of our association's channels.

Heini Kuorikoski - Materials

Is responsible for updating MatkaRaTa's websites and producing other materials.

Iiris Kleemola - 3MIOT

Act's as a part of 3MIOT-party team with other student associations' representatives.

Aino Kilpeläinen - Member

Frans Kuusisalo - Member

Jere Ollinen - Member

Sara Ronkainen - Member

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